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Why can not you trust your Call Tracking strategy in VOIP solutions?

The VoIP-based service is not yet regulated by the National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL). The agency defines VoIP as a technology (which it really is) rather than as a telephony service. The regulations do not specify technologies, but the type of service to be provided. So it is very important to ask if your call tracking solution is being provided by an E1 or Voip trunk platform, because if you are on VoIP you should ask what type of service level agreement is being guaranteed by the telecommunication provider.


The traditional telephone system offers high reliability, and availability of voice service most of the time, justifying its stability for so many years even in the midst of so many new communication technologies. That's why at mobcall we guarantee the E1 trunks to guarantee the quality of our services.

Challenges of VoIP technology: availability and reliability.
As a service not regulated in Brazil, there are not many criteria to hold or charge guarantees of availability. The technology depends on electric power. The lack of electricity means the impossibility of making and receiving phone calls. The Internet has a very large infrastructure, with no centralized management, which increases the risk of occasional interruptions, interrupting the use of VoIP. We can compare VOIP to the quality of internet access, how many times at home or at work we are impacted by the unavailability of the service and nothing can be done.


The quality of service should be essential for VoIP communication, because if the IP network goes through congestion, delays and packet losses, the telephone connection will be impossible. Just as the implementation of network security must be extremely efficient, so that the connection is not intercepted or degraded by a malicious attack.

So, question, cover, demand guarantees so that your call tracking strategy is reliable and always available, because worse than not measuring the calls generated by your marketing actions, will prevent connections from occurring due to critical unavailability still faced VOIP connections in Brazil.



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