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Mobcall provides the agency with the necessary tools to assign, automate and optimize the phone calls generated to its clients through the marketing campaigns run by the agency. With a large number of customers converting through the calls, do not miss the opportunity to include the phone calls in your digital and analytical strategy. Start now, proving the value of this measurement in online and offline channels.

Get credit for calls derived from your campaigns, increase your ability to assign, identify which source channels are generating phone calls, campaigns, sponsored links, landing-page, keywords, and more. With Call Analytics you will have new insights for your customers' campaigns and a more holistic view of the multi-channel performance of your marketing strategy.

Integrate Mobcall's Call Analytics solution with your current analytics, bid management, and marketing automation settings. The additional data layer will allow you to monitor the entire customer journey, creating more relevant campaigns, and search for optimizations that make the difference. Full integration with the most diverse marketing platforms: Google Adwords, Marin Software, Kenshoo, Acquisio, Adobe Marketing Cloud, DoubleClick, IgnitionOne, Hubspot, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Marketo.

Bring the value of calls to your performance network. In an increasingly mobile world, more customers connect using the telephone. If you're not tracking calls, you're missing opportunities to generate more transactions and revenue. With the Mobcall solution Performance marketers can measure and maximize calls as easily as clicks.


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