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We integrate Call Tracking with SMS Marketing. A new experience to engage your potential customers.

Unsurprisingly, SMS has a very great efficiency in reaching potential customers. Over 80% range with read-out content triggered. Now imagine the integrated SMS functionality with Call Tracking. All in line with the increased use of smartphones. The customer searches for your product / service through the internet through your smartphone, access your website, call a tracking number, talk to your attendant and request a quote within 5 minutes after the end of the call this same potential customer receives an SMS of your company thanking you for the contact and sending additional content about the value or differential of your product / service. And in addition this same customer will already be included in their scheduled client shots. This is just a simple example of the many experiences we can generate with our technology.


  • Sending SMS in high demands with option to schedule dates and times;
  • Full integration with any system or website (Integration API);
  • Import contacts by Excel spreadsheets or any text editor;
  • Send option for groups or send lists;
  • Option to send personalized messages with name or other information.


  • SMS receive and store system;
  • Customizable auto-answer system for incoming SMS;
  • Possibility of interaction with the client, creating quizzes or voting.


  • Real-time reports of the statuses of each message's submissions;
  • Complete reports of shipments that can be exported to MS Excel
  • Possibility of forwarding new messages to recipients in history.