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Quite simply, Call Tracking tells businesses which marketing actions and media ads are generating leads and which are not. We usually assume, from a business perspective, that marketing actions are working. But the truth is that we do not always know exactly which of those campaigns or strategies are actually linking.

Usually we do not know if the customer connection was motivated by a Google search, an email marketing sent to him, a click on a banner, or after listening to an ad on the radio or seeing in some magazine.

Call Tracking allows business owners, managers and leaders, among others, to know exactly which marketing channels are driving the calls, making it easier to direct marketing investments to the channels that are driving the most calls and results.

How does Call Tracking work for SMBs?

Let's use a simple example: You are a small business owner, who occasionally invests in radio commercials, has your company listed in various directories (online and offline), and also has some banners on internet portals and has a sponsored link campaign on Google. Mobcall will designate a unique phone for each of these different channels that you invest. So, through our technology and our access portal, and in real time, you have access to the channels that are generating effective connections.

There is no "code" to be typed after the call, nor "coupon" to deliver. Simply the tracking numbers that MOBCALL provides will be embedded in these various marketing and media channels and then prove which ones are the most efficient. Value your money by maximizing the return on investment in your marketing campaigns. We have numbers from several locations in Brazil, as well as specific numbers for 0300, 0800 and 4004.

How does Call Tracking work for Large Businesses?

Integrate Call Tracking functionality into your performance strategy for online and offline marketing campaigns. Maximize return on investment in your marketing campaigns. Include measurement of calls generated across multiple channels and media, and add insight to your analysis and decisions. Get real-time reports consolidated by region, branding, product, media channels, consolidating data on the leads generated by all your campaigns, as well as integrating all that data with your company's marketing and sales processes. Intelligent communication features: URA, Geolocation and more!

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