Private-Label model

Call Tracking, Call Analytics, PPC Performance, Google Analytics, AdWords, Keywords, SMS, Conversion points, Click-to-Call, and so many other features are some of the benefits derived from the implementation of call monitoring inside the marketing channels. This is our specialty, this is our technology that has already been proven and validated through millions of captured calls by our platform.

We want to simplify all this and make it available to all your clients. From the simplest to more complex campaigns, we solve not only the technology piece, as well as all the services associated to them all. And all of that is on us. That way, you add our technology to your portfolio and keep focused on the most important “core” services for your agency.

Stop generating reports manually for your clients. Our Dashboard can be completely customized with your brand and colors of your choice. Have in hand all the performance indicators with the results of the phone calls generated by your campaign. All functionalities of our Call Intelligence Platform include multi-client views, which allows an agency level view of all campaigns in real time for all of your clients.

If you’re not measuring the phone calls, you’re underestimating your search strategy success for many of your clients.

Listen to every call and show your clients how your sales team is working, creating an opportunity for training and script correction, finding out how the sales team is approaching every LEAD received.
In addition, we supply a support channel every day of the week (weekends included), monthly payment based on the campaigns and clients’ consumption, an incentive program and a performance bonus, everything exactly appropriate to the agencies’ format.