Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Call Tracking helps companies understand which marketing and media campaigns are generating calls/leads and which ones are not.

We generally assume that our marketing and media campaigns are working, but the truth is that we don’t always know which ones are actually generating phone calls that ultimately translate into qualified leads. We don’t know if a potential client is calling because he/she found our product/service in a list at Google, or if he/she is calling because he/she received a marketing e-mail, after a click on some banner, or because he/she heard an ad on the radio or read it in a magazine.
Call tracking provides the intelligence to know exactly which marketing channels are generating the phone calls, allowing for smarter decision and the ability to redirect marketing investments towards the channels that are generating most calls that result in qualified leads.

How does the Call Tracking work?

Let’s use a simple example. You’re the owner of your business. You invest occasionally on radio ads, you have your business listed in several online and printed media, you invest in some banners on online portals and you have a sponsored link campaign with Google.
Mobcall will provision a unique phone number for each one of these different channels, and in real time, through our technology and our portal, you have access to see which channels are generating phone calls and which ones are not.
There is no need to dial a “Code” after the phone call, or coupon to present at the store, the unique tracking numbers that Mobcall provisions are inserted inside each marketing and media channel to monitor which ones are working and which ones are not.
The one thing you can be sure of is that if you’re not “Tracking” calls generated by your marketing and media campaigns with Call Tracking, you’re probably losing money.

Let MobCall help you maximize your ROI in your marketing and media campaigns.